About ESP

Julianna, ESP Consultant

ESP is a practice that puts you in touch with your Energy Ecosystem. It provides tuning and balance for optimal health and well being on your life path. Along with many other Conduits for Clarity, Julianna hosts one-on-one and group energy rejuvenation sessions employing EnergyTherapy from several ancient and modern sources.Moving energy through designated channels within the bodily ecosystem, the sessions help to clear communication and broaden one’s perspective of the life experience.

Our clients gain greater understanding of their own energy systems, and their own story of discovering purpose, clarity on the path to destiny. Through age old techniques of storytelling, geomancy, and a number of natural methods clients gain insight, clarity, improved creativity and productivity and best of all positive outcomes.

Through channels of science and mind, ESP uses natural methods for restoring the energy systems. The methods include Word-sound, minerals and crystals and the breath therapies to improve and transmute energy, transform situations, lives, and circumstances that emerge within the human condition.

This is not a medical practice, but a complimentary and holistic path to a good and healthy life. In these sessions intuitive holographic interpretations give meaning to life created ‘On Earth as it is in Heaven.’Through workshops, and one- on- one sessions you will learn how Sound/tone, Vibration/color, Minerals, Plants AND your own highly charged electromagnetic energy system attune all around you.

You can use this with your animals, family members, co workers, and plant life. Notice how the energy frequencies and stories resonate in waves of success and failure, life and death, growth and diminish, sound And light all carrying all to its destination, the one place of perfect understanding. Realize new sparks of energy, moving forward with clear communication, fresh new ideas, and an eye on the past, present, and future. These energy sessions come together for amazing grace, and amazing change!

Step into the void between science and self, between Heaven and Earth where stories form.

Where science and soul meet, music is made, songs are sang and stories are woven that connect our past and present to each other and eternity. These life threads are fractals of telling and listening that create energy between us. As lives intersect the transaction becomes

A personal and meaningful vibration or story through which individuals, families, organizations and communities get charged . Since time immemorial we have come to understand the impact of energy or lack of energy. Stories from age-old traditions have shaped society and lives without question or understanding.

They are spun by the Grand Mind of the Universe and told by many Other World Travelers along our paths. The stories unfold in waves of energy in words, sounds, and movement. They are formulated in mathematical equations, musical scores, scripts and scientific formulae. We create stories in geometric shapes, and symbols placed throughout our environment, daily, yet we dare to.

Question their impact in and on our lives. We hear stories in classrooms, and temples, from pulpits, and stages and with most live and natural interaction a story is created. Someone or something is transformed. Some stories go without resolution while others have meaningful endings. The Storyteller unlocks the messages inspired by truth. The Storyteller and Other World Travelers are conduits for release of cellular energy deep within the DNA structure. Gently, the words and sounds create a new awakening of personal growth and power.


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