STEMULATION Talks for school aged youth and their parents

These stimulating Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) talks integrates science and spirituality with our lives. Are we machines? How can we manage to run effectively? Are we just atomic structures; particles organizing and reorganizing as we move along in life? This session expands the way we view learning about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and how we integrate our understanding both functionally and spiritually. This fascinating workshop brings together the notion of intersections between science and spirituality. We explore sacred geometry and divine design. We explore bio mechanics and aviation. This is an integrative and stimulating workshop to spark creativity, innovation and the courage to use the power of our own Mind energy to go beyond the boundaries of the imagination. Envision and create new technology. Envision and create a new you.

$150hr Group Session

Learn to receive the messages from our Ancestors and Other Energy Sources, Angels and Other World Travelers Individual Consultations

Assess the patterns and cycles in your life based on your personal energy. Learn how you fit within the Universal matrix and how the various moves you make impact your life outcomes. Learn how to re pattern your life while drawing upon the natural energy sources of the universe, your ancestors and other angelic forces. Observe nature and symbols as part of the life experience and enjoy a new awakening. Learn what has been stored deep within your cell memories from your past experiences and balance the scales. Listen to what your energy sources tell you about how to get your life into balance. Listen to your own inner being. Learn how to exchange with nature in a beneficial way for all living beings. Learn the stories that best fit your scenario and learn how the greatest minds overcame similar circumstances, some heroically and some miraculously.

$250/Session plus fees for travel and lodging

Managing your own health and habits

You usually know when you’ve reached the tipping point and it gets difficult to breathe, or walk, or run, or even climb a flight of stairs. Have you assessed your food energy patterns? Take a look at how, when and why you eat? When you learn to manage your breath you will learn to manage your weight and your cravings, and your addictions.

$50hr Individual Session

$150 hr Groups

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Crystal Therapy Practitioner Certificate

This webinar is to assist you in becoming a Crystal Therapy Practitioner providing crystal applications for many ailments. While crystal therapy is not approved by the American Medical Association as a prescriptive formula, we believe and have seen evidence of the curative nature in the elements found in them. This is a four hour course broken up into two sessions, and a practical experience. You will learn to identify various crystals and their uses. You will learn to make crystal grids to balance energies that align you’re your body system (Chakra System). You will make elixirs for the body. Resource materials are included in the course. You will receive a Crystal Energy Source Practitioner Certificate upon completion

$200.00/Course The course will be taught in two parts

Distant Reiki Energy Healing & Certification

Distant Reiki energy healing is assists in removing energy blockages that may be the source of dis-ease in the body. Using ancient energy symbols from the Usui Tradition of Reiki, we help to restore the energy system and improve your vitality. We also provide training live training courses for Reiki 1, 2, and 3, travel and lodging no included.

$ 50/Healing Attunement Sessions

$ 100 Reiki 1 course attunement and symbols

$150 Reiki 2 course attunement and symbols

$250 Reiki 3 course attunement and symbols

Ask about non-profit discounts

Vital Breath Energy Course

Session 1 of this course teaches vital breathing for relaxation, meditation, and de-stressing, and improved creativity and motivation. Understanding the term Prana (subtle energy) and Qi (subtle energy) and how combined with the breath can be transformative. This course will teach you to become mindful of the breath and everything around you, therefore raising your consciousness so that you are clear and effective. You will learn several easy to do breathing techniques, you will learn to quiet the mind, you will learn to rejuvenate the mind and body and regenerate the cells. You will feel more vibrant and youthful.

Part1 Learning to breathe to relax, and to gain energy and clarity

Part2 Learning to meditate and quiet the mind through breathing

S250/Course This course will be taught in two parts 2 hrs each, or in one live session half day with breaks. Travel and lodging not included

Ask about non-profit discounts

Mirror Workshop

Take a look at yourself in the mirror held up by others. Are you judging the person who is holding the mirror, or will you clear your heart’s mirror and see yourself as you truly are? Learn to let others become your mirror to healing yourself and changing your behavior. Learn the art of looking at yourself in others’ response to you. See yourself and what makes them respond as they do. This amazing workshop is for individuals, groups, couples who dare to look in the mirror of the soul. It is easy passing the mirror each day to see how we look on the outside. This mirror helps you to see what is reflected to others from the inside. This mirror helps you to reshape your experiences for positive reflections

$50hr/ Individual Session

$150 hr Group Session

Ask about non-profit discounts

Automatic Writing

Have you ever paid attention to your doodling or free flowing words that you jot down when you are just relaxing. Do you find messages in them, do you see patterns. Have you ever thought to investigate if you are receiving messages from energy sources that you cannot see? In this exercise of Automatic Writing you may find many answers to questions that have been perplexing to you for a long time. We will train you to allow the energy to flow through your hands to give you messages that will help you in the future, or to mend from the past.

$50 hr Individual Session

$150hr Group Session